Sally May has opened her own CPA firm and is writing a letter to a prospective client

  1. Sally May has opened her own CPA firm and is writing a letter to a prospective client, Jordan Smith, the owner of Jordan’s Interior Design. Having sourced Jordan’s contact details from a vendor, Sally is unsure of Jordan’s gender. How should he address Jordan in his letter?


A. Dear Sir/Madame
B. To Whom It May Concern
C. Dear Mr. or Ms. Smith
D. Dear Jordan’s Interior Design
E. Dear Jordan Smith

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  1. Which of the following is a commonly used complimentary close in today’s business letters?


A. To Whom It May Concern
B. Best Regards
C. Dear Sir/Madame
D. Respected Sir
E. Sincerely Yours

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  1. A health club is offering special rates to all incoming freshman at a local college. The health club’s marketing director will send out a formal communication to all the incoming freshman parents prior to the start of the fall semester. Which form of communication should the marketing director use?


A. memorandum
B. instant message
C. short message service
D. text message
E. letter

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  1. When using the direct order plan to organize your information in a message, you should _____.


A. present information that readers consider routine in the beginning
B. present information that readers consider positive at the end
C. present information that readers consider neutral at the end
D. avoid beginning your message by stating your objective
E. avoid delivering good news at the beginning of the message

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  1. Susan needs to communicate a denial of warranty work to a customer. Based on her conservations with the customer, Susan feels that the information will evoke a negative response. In this context, which of the following formats should Susan use to organize the information in his message?


A. Chronological order
B. Direct order
C. Critical order
D. Indirect order
E. Complex order

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  1. In the context of writing email messages, a formal style of writing _____.


A. maintains a shorter distance between writer and reader than an informal style
B. makes extensive use of personal references and contractions
C. uses sentences that are well structured and highly organized
D. uses sentences that are short, unstructured, and incomplete
E. uses mechanical emphasis devices and short sentences

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  1. Which of the following uses parallel structure?


A. Our new paralegal must be smart, efficient, and have flexibility.
B. The accident shattered her pelvis, dislocated her foot, and her spinal column was broken in three places.
C. Big business demands superior forecasting, reporting, and analyzing.
D. A good financial planner must be certified, competent, and must possess ethical standards.
E. Business writing should be concise, informative, and have no mistakes.

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  1. Which of the following must be avoided when structuring an online document or a Web page?


A. Using a dark text on a light background
B. Incorporating text files with audio files
C. Using long sentences instead of short ones
D. Incorporating screen visuals with the text
E. Adapting design elements according to the audience

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  1. When structuring a formal business letter, the general rule for spacing is:


A. Double space in paragraphs and triple space between paragraphs
B. Double space in paragraphs and double space between paragraphs
C. One and half space in paragraphs and double space between paragraphs
D. Single space in paragraphs and double space between paragraphs
E. Single space in paragraphs and one and half space between paragraphs

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  1. Which of the following is a simple sentence?


A. If health insurance costs continue to rise, employee copays may increase.
B. Having healthy employees decreases the cost of monthly premiums; therefore, we will be implementing a wellness program.
C. HMO and PPO insurance plans offer additional cost savings.
D. Because we will be reducing employee health insurance benefits, some employees may be unhappy; however, we must make sure that they understand the reason for the change.
E. Since we were later than we expected to be.

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  1. What do most writers use as the first sentence in a paragraph?


A. Supporting sentence


B. Transitional sentence


C. Topic sentence


D. Pivoting sentence


E. Compound sentence

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  1. Transitional expressions such as next, first, and finally are useful to show


A. cause and effect.
B. illustration.
C. comparison and contrast.
D. time association.
E. demonstration.