sampling technologies class essay

My topic:

Growing Internet Population and Noncoverage Bias in Current Telephone Surveys

My project plan paper:

The internet survey methods have been more and more widely used but there are also criticisms of internet surveys. Traditionally, polls focus more on cellphone and corded telephone users than internet users. However, according to Pew Research Center, now 77 percent of Americans have smartphones from 31 percent of users in 2011. Increased accessibility to the internet has created limitations in traditional surveys. A typical example is 2016 presidential election, which traditional surveys failed to predict the results. This paper aims to describe the survey’s noncoverage bias caused by underestimating internet population.

This is 3-4 page assignment. I chose above topic that there are some biases that traditional surveys has not included the samples from internet. Like in the past, there were controversies whether we needed to include the mobile phones for our samples. And we learned that if we just included the samples from corded phones, the samples have biases. Like someone who are working would not answer the call so they are not into the samples.

Like that, my argument is similar as my example. It doesnt matter whether you include my suggestion but my suggestion is that including following:

– what is the matter about internet samples ( people who are on the internet surveys are voluntary, who are interested in the topics or who want to get some participation prizes?) also, like the 2016 election, people would not say they voted for trump in person. but the online research showed a lot of people voted for trump. which means the samples would not say true things online.

– Even though there’s problem why we need to include the samples from online – maybe technical improvements? like the law of large number says, we can collect samples as much as possible so it would represent better and small sampling errors? Also, maybe we are now collecting a lot of data from people’s wearables, phones, online website, etc. which people cannot say lie, so we can see the true properities

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