scandinavian films introduction to nordic cinema 6

This assignment is about Scandinavian films / INTRODUCTION TO NORDIC CINEMA.

Here is exact question :

Compare and contrast how the modern Nordic social welfare system is represented respectively in Elling( directed by Peter Naess) and in 101 Reykjavik( directed by Baltasar Kormákur) . Examine both positive and negative aspects of the social safety net and state assistance in both films, and its effect on the films’ characters and situations.

Use biographical evidence as relevant to your arguments. In your essay, cite and engage with at least two of secondary course reading. Paraphrasing these writers ( versus reproducing exact quotation ) is ok. Write the most fully developed essay.

I provide some short reading that you should refer to, and you can also use other resources too.

this assignment should be 3 page, single space

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