Scholar-Practitioner Project: Evaluation Plan

Although many people view evaluation as something that is done once a project is complete, evaluation must actually be planned for well before a project starts in order to be executed properly and effectively. As the business consultant Steven Covey (2004) advocated, one essential ingredient in any venture is to “begin with the end in mind” (p. 95). This assignment provides you the opportunity to plan your SPP to facilitate effective evaluation in all its phases.

Because an evaluation plan is largely about people as much as paper, considerations such as stakeholder participation and cultural and ethical ramifications should be taken into account in any evaluation plan. This is why organizations such as the American Evaluation Association have developed standards for evaluation that include cultural competence and ethical practices.


 submit a 5- to 7-page evaluation plan for your SPP that includes the following:The four types of evaluation (formative, process, impact, and outcome) each of which includes the following:Types of data to be collected (e.g., quantitative, qualitative)Evaluators and stakeholders who would be involvedGoals of the evaluation

Your plan must demonstrate that you understand the following:The differences between the types of evaluationEthical considerations related to evaluationCultural considerations related to evaluation

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