Scholarly Activity

In this Individual Project you will execute and discuss a Qualitative Data Coding Process as you code and summarize your classmates’ responses to the virtual interview.

Utilize the data in Unit 2 Discussion Board 2 where you addressed the inquiry:

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Explain what being a doctoral student means for you. How has your life changed since starting your doctoral journey?

Describing a Qualitative Data Coding Process, code and summarize your classmates’ responses to the virtual interview question posed in the earlier Unit 2 Discussion Board 2: Capturing Qualitative Data Virtually.

To create the transcript for analysis, copy and paste each of your classmates’ responses into a Word document.

Provide the results of your coding process, using a diagram to present your findings. Your diagram could be in a matrix format (table) or a concept chart (node network). Refer to your assigned readings on diagramming or other resources explaining how to graphically display qualitative findings.

Your submitted report should include the following:

Description of your coding process
Topical coding scheme (list of topics; code book)
Diagram of findings (topics and themes)
Brief narrative summary of findings referring to your graphic diagram
Appendix with coded transcripts in one of the following formats:
A Word document showing color-coded codes
A Word document using the comments function to indicate codes
An output file from qualitative software

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