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Theres a Good reputation and theres a bad reputation either one like Taylor Swift said “my reputation precedes me” which is universal because it just is what it is. You either take it with a grain of salt and run with that reputation or if its negative and self destructive you change it. Reputation reminded me of a 1984 David Wilcox song

bad reputation where he said “I’ve got a bad reputation in this town

It’s something I can’t live down
I wish I could be what people want me to be
But somehow I can’t come around
So you take your road and I’ll take mine
I’ll drink the whisky and you drink the wine
Cause that’s the situation
I’ve got a bad reputation”

these words reminded me of my close friends who had a bad reputation due to some false allegation that she was a pass around hoe in a small town where everybody knew each other and she was bullied by other females for it she stopped coming to school and her and her family moved. Personally i don’t think that my reputation precedes me because people think I’m naive and weak. I think people mistake my kindness as a weakness and my quite nature as naitivity which is not the case. Im very strong minded and don’t take what people say about me for face. I’ve always been known as the kind of person to turn a negative to a positive, my close friends call me the unfaced queen because I’m rarely every bothered by other peoples negative energy

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