Short-Term Capacity Adjustment

Short-Term Capacity Adjustment

Briefly describe a business you are familiar with (or interview someone at a local business) and explain how it might use each of the five ways to adjust its short-term capacity levels. This discussion should be at least 3 to 4 paragraphs of well researched information. You must make your initial post before you can view other posts. Once you have made your initial post, reply to at least one peer and add value to their posting.

It is recommended that you cite all resources in APA format with inline citations and a reference section at the bottom. This will help you get comfortable citing sources and also helps the reader find your source to read further information, if desired. If you directly quote the textbook, please use section numbers as you do not have pages numbers in the e-book.

Grading Guideline for Discussion Board

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Total possible points = 25

  • 25 point deduction for no original post
  • 3 point deduction for not posting original post at least 48 hours before discussion board due date
  • 5 point deduction for no reply to a peer post
  • 5 point deduction for an “I agree” type reply that adds no value to the discussion
  • 1 point deduction for one or two spelling/ grammatical errors
  • 2 point deduction for multiple spelling/ grammatical errors
  • 1 or 2 extra points possible for outstanding posts and participation in the discussion board