Sikhism and Islam


This paper will focus on Sikhism, an Eastern religion and Islam, an Abrahamic religion. The purpose of the paper will compare some of the similarities and differences between Sikhism and Islam.  Some of the topics will be history, leaders, scared text, religious practices, and daily life.  Also answer important questions such as the purpose of life and afterlife.


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This paper should be 7 pages (double space, font size 12) and includes 7 references.


I. Introduction


II. How it began


Sikhism’s history


World influence during the time that created and shaped Sikhism’s existence


Islam’s history


II. The meaning of life



Compare how Sikhism and Islam view the purpose of life


Islam’s three-fold journey

Sikh view that life is a gift not a curse


III. Existential


Existence and Sikhism


Reincarnation and karma


Existence and Islam


Judgement day, sin and redemption


the purpose of death





IV. Religious practices supports the foundation of harmony


Religious practices provide guidance on how to live to achieve greater purpose


Support the community and responsibilities

Sikh doesn’t use fear

Islam laws of living


Religious practices prepare us for death.

Assistance of dying


V. Sacred text views on judgement day


                1. Sikhism’s text


a. Narak, no heaven or hell


                2. Islam’s text


                                a. afterlife, heaven and hell


VI. How leaders and prophets interpretation of afterlife


Moses and Jesus interpretation

Islam’s day of resurrection

Guru’s vision


VII. Conclusion


Happiness during this life time

Acceptance of death