Socratic and Isaiah Dilemma


You are writing a dialouge paper between me Isaiah and Socratics

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One line of conversation is me Isaiah
Then socratics
For example
Isaiah Convo
Socratics Convo
Isaiah Convo
Socratics Convo

The two are going to be talking to each other what is going to happen is socratics is trying to correct isaiah from doing something that he dud wrong what he did wrong was he was he stole a computer out of best buy and socratics is actually going to be a security guard and so basically throughout the paper isaiah is trying to justify why he did it and he did it because he needed the computer to start his online job because he didn’t have any money and so isaiah is trying to justify but socratics is telling him why he is wrong and why he should not have not have done it and by the end of the paper Isaiah agrees that socratics is correct

Things that are required three main arguments
And three CounterArgumemts
Concise beginning middle an end
Be creative about what you come up with
Socratics and isaiah name need to be in bold while they are talking to each other

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