Sporting Events and Sponsorship

Sporting Events and Sponsorship

You are required to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the topic (a discussion of literature, concepts, theory and current issues associated with your chosen topic).Additionally, illustrate your work with appropriate examples.

Suggested literature review topics as follows:

  • Conference planning
  • Festival health and safety
  • Event design
  • Festival crowd control
  • Managing volunteers and staff at events
  • Sporting events and sponsorship
  • Social event planning.

Your literature review should include the following:

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  • Introduction
  • Literature review: Ability to use information effectively to produce an interesting and useful report. Ability to critically review conceptual ideas and to research applied event contexts. Ability to demonstrate understanding, to reflect on, and evaluate the material gathered and to articulate reasonable, well supported arguments that make sense, are pertinent and relevant
  • Conclusions: Ability to summarise key points/arguments presented

Your literature review should be a maximum of 2500 words and should be correctly referenced.

The general format of a journal reference is shown below:

Smith, J. (1999) ‘How to Succeed’, Journal of Entrepreneurs, 1(2), pp. 34-56.

Make sure you narrow down your topic and follow a citation after every two or three sentences.