Starbucks Customer Service Experiences

As part of your participation please post in discussion board both your experiences and describe them.

Describe your last  1)outstanding  customer service experience? What was special about it?



  • 2)horrible customer service experiences. ? Did you complain? How did the company react?




How did it affect (1) and (2) your attitude toward the firm?  How did it affect your purchase behavior?



My answer :


My last positive customer service experience was at Starbucks. Last week, as usual, at sunset, I went to order a chai tea latte from Starbucks. When payment I was surprised that I forgot my wallet at home. It was an embarrassing moment, but the employee was too nice and said: “it on us this time”.

( please make up negative experience for me )

The Starbucks experience increases my loyalty to them.









Participation exercise


  1. Go back to your positive and negative experiences and identify based on the RATER dimensions which dimension(s) it was addressing and why?



  1. Watch the link with United breaks guitar song 1. How many views does it have?


  1. What is the service failure about? Which dimensions of service quality did they fail?





  1. What kind of effects did this song have?






  1. T or F and explain why?



  1. a) A brand consists of product features/ attributes.





  1. b) A brand is a company’s logo.



  1. What are brands? How are they formed? Are brands valuable and why?








  1. Try to guess which are the first ten global brands as of 2018 (valuable), 1 being the most valuable:






















If you guess the right brand you get 2 points, if you guess the right brand and the right rank you get 5 points. Let’s see who is going to have the biggest score :D.


  1. If you are a marketing manager, why would you convince the CEO to invest in creating a brand name for your business?