Starbucks Report

Develop a report about Starbucks Americas region that include the following;

Company Research and analysis

  • environmental factors
  • market size
  • competitive analysis
  • target market segmemntation

Financial Statements

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  • Pro Forma Income statement- bymonth for Y1- reflect seasonality sales, by years for Y2,Y3 – indicate growth
  • Cash Flow Forecast- note debt payment/ additional capital expenditure/possible dividend payments,etc.; by Month for Year1, by Years for Years 2-3
  • Discussion of Financial Statements- should include longer term (Years 2-5) revenue growth rates, gross profits,debt payments,capital expenditures,etc.

Internal Processes and Personnel

  • Operational Issues such as staff work schedule/labour costs/facilities/raw materials/processing requirements/training.

Balanced Scorecard

  • Flows logically from the above analysis.