stephen covey 1

The second video for this week presented the concept of an Emotional Bank Account. What do you think of this illustration? How can it help us to assess relationships? How can this help us to understand “trust” and “trustworthiness” in the context of leadership? Your initial input should be about 150 to 250 words in length

After completing the reading and video assignments for this week, submit the following:

In the video “The Law of the Harvest” several lessons are presented. Most of these lessons are important to both farming and to general personal effectiveness.

First, make a list with as many of these lessons you can identify. Use bullets. Do not use paragraphs for this first part.

Second, select one of these lessons and describe what you will try to do to apply it to your life in the week to come. (Be specific.)

For example, a poor application would be something like: “I will work harder on my job.” A better one might be: ” On Tuesday morning, I will inventory the store room at work even though no one told me to do it.

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