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Strategies Portfolio Instructions

Over the 8 modules/weeks of this course, you will be assigned to read 15 chapters in the Obenchain & Morris text.For the Strategies Portfolio assignment, you will select 5 of the chapters (no more than 1 from any given module/week) and write a strategy of 1–2 paragraphs similar to those in the Application and Ideas section of each chapter. The 5 strategies you write will be submitted as 1 document by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

Each strategy in your Strategies Portfolio should include:

1. Title and Strategy Number from the text

2. Your local or state standard(s) met by implementing the strategy (TX)

3. Grade level (must be in Elementary School)

4. A description of the strategy (generally 1 or 2 paragraphs)

For example:

1. Community Builders, Strategy 1

2. S.S.6.C.2 – Evaluate the roles, rights and responsibilities of United States citizens, and determine methods of active participation in society, government, and the political system.

3. 3rd grade

4. Divide students into groups of four or five. Have each group member write their name, place of birth and general family facts such as number of siblings, grandparents, years lived in city, etc. They will then write down two rights they believe they have as United States citizens and two responsibilities they have as United States citizens. Students will then write what it means to be an active participant in society, government and the political system. After students complete the task they will hand the paper to the student to their right. Each student will read the paper and then pass it to the right, this will continue until each student receives his/her own paper back. Each group will then discuss what they believe as a group are the rights, responsibilities and active participation; one group member will record the results. One member from each group will then share their group’s list with the class.

This is an introductory strategy for the students to get to know one another and for the teacher to assess prior knowledge of the topic. This strategy is the springboard for teaching about roles, rights and responsibilities of United States citizens.

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