sun devil fitness complex

Within the Sun Devil Fitness Complex, there has been an ongoing problem with Innosoft Fusion. Fusion is constantly down and has weekly server issues. This has made it hard to swipe patrons into the facility and keep track of inventory. I recommend we use a different recreational software and install a second means of collecting counts of patrons as they enter the Complex.

For the last three years of working for the SDFC, there have been numerous times where Fusion was down across all four campuses. During the shutdown, I must hand write the names and student ID numbers of patrons as they enter the facility. I must then input the information once Fusion is back up and running. It creates lines and often leads to people not using the Fitness Complex. Just yesterday, the Fusion server was down, and Supervisors were unable to complete a sale, swipe patrons in, nor could they check out equipment. I have heard many complaints from patrons, as well as workers. It has become a normal theme for Fusion to be broken down at least once a week.

Well we are doing a project for arizona state university finites center for the check in system and for the sincere that count people at the gym. So far we have found better appositions for both problems. You can find what we have done so far in the body is attached. I just want you to downloaded it and read it. the part that i want you to work on is the Table Of Contents and Introduction: 100-300 words own page

a. Brief overview of company and current situation
b. Brief discussion of background and problem

c. Establish solution and methodologies used to arrive at that solution

and make sure you have reference of a link website that I can open.

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