super easy discussion post 2

Hey guys, I really need help with these discussion post, and I need an A. PLEASE HELP

Discussion 1: What is Your Conflict Style?

Take the conflict style survey, Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory–II, Form C, located on this website (Links to an external site.). Complete only Form C – conflict with peers. Then, have your close friend take the same survey assessing your conflict style. Compare the results. Finally, reply here if 1) your own survey result matches what you think about your conflict style, 2) whether your result and your friend’s evaluation of your conflict style match, and 3) what is the most interesting thing about the different conflict styles you feel you can potentially use in the future.

Discussion 2: How to Improve Your Business Writing

This discussion is optional and worth 10 extra points. Read the article How to Improve Your Business Writing” by Carolyn O’Hara published in the Harvard Business Review. Describe three ideas from the article that you can use to improve your own business writing. Include specific actions you will do to improve your writing skills.

Discussion 7: Presentation Aids: Which is the best? Why?

There are different kinds of visual aids you can use to enhance your presentation. Watch the following videos and notice the different kinds of visual aids the speakers use in their talks. What effects does each visual aid have on you as an audience? Does it increase your interest in the speech, boost the speaker’s credibility, enhance your understanding, or make the speech more memorable? Who do you think used visual aids most effectively and least effectively? Why? The links to the videos are below.