Survival in Auschwitz & Still Alive: A Holocaust Girlhood Remembered

Write a review/response paper based on the two memoirs we’ve read in class. In your response, be sure to consider the following questions: • First, the review should give the reader a concise summary of the content of each book. This includes a relevant description of the topic as well as its overall perspective, argument, or purpose. • Second, and more importantly, your paper should offer a critical assessment of the content. This involves your reactions to the work. Some questions to consider in your response: Levi’s memoir was written almost immediately after the Holocaust, first published in 1947. Kluger’s book was written decades later, published in 1992. What impact do you think this has on their stories and the way they choose to tell them? In what ways, if any, do these memoirs require you to “rearrange the furniture… in [your] inner museum of the Holocaust”? (Kluger 73) What do you take away from each memoir, and what does each add to the field of Holocaust literature that is unique or important? Would you recommend these works to others? Why or why not?

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