Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability: The practice of operating a business to maximize profits while attempting to preserve the environment, economy, and needs of future generations. AQ1Sustainability practices acknowledge that a company’s long-term success requires the continued availability of natural resources and a productive social environment. Examples of sustainable business activities are provided in Exhibit 12 in Chapter 15(1).
Sustainability information can provide important feedback to guide a company’s strategic and operational decision making. Managers can use this information to increase revenue, control costs, and allocate resources efficiently. Eco-efficiency measures: Measures that help managers evaluate the savings generated by using fewer natural resources in a company’s operations are a form of managerial accounting information that helps managers evaluate the savings generated by using fewer natural resources in a company’s operations. Examples of eco-efficiency measures are provided in Exhibit 13 in Chapter 15(1).

With this in mind in a short paper of 1-2 pages, please write about the following:
Select a company that you have researched online (or know about personally, as mentioned in class), that practices being sustainable or provides sustainable initiatives to other companies.
In your paper, discuss what the company does to lessen the impact on the environment. Is it saving any money for the business? Talk about how that might impact cutting costs or increasing revenue or some other impact that brings about brand awareness and attention to their company.
Do you feel that a manufacturing company should practice sustainability and/or is this important to you at all?
How does sustainability tie into ethics?

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