Symbolism Analysis Paper of the movie matrix 2 and 3 (Example)

Symbolism Analysis Paper of the movie matrix 2 and 3 (Example)

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Student Name: Tutor: Corse and code: Date: The Matrix 2 and 3 Symbolism. The Matrix Reloaded is an action movie which has science fiction and was first released in the early years of the 21st century. This movie is filled with ideas information and well organized visuals which are easy to understand while others have deeper meaning that need further interpretation in order to get their meaning clearly. When interpreted the movie seems to be simple and well understood but in the real sense Matrix Reloaded part two and three is full of a deeper meaning with plenty of symbolism thus making it unique and one of the best movies to ever exist in this universe. This paper will focus on how symbolism is played and used in the film especially part 2 and 3 of the movie. Symbolism involves the use different symbols to represent certain ideas and during this scene he is later surrounded by a dark scene In conclusion it is evident enough that symbolism is constantly used throughout the plot of the Matrix 2 and 3. Though the symbols used require much scrutiny to understand them they add meaning and proper understanding of the movie. This makes it not just an action film but also a movie filled with modern technology and well organized and calculated set up thus being ranked amongst the best action movie. The different occasions of symbolism used in this film are important in combining the events thus bringing a sense of simple understanding to the audience. Work cited “Sparknotes: The Matrix Trilogy: Themes Motifs And Symbols”. Sparknotes.Com 2018 Accessed 30 Mar 2018. “Symbolism – The Matrix Revolutions”. Webpages.Charter.Net 2018 Accessed 30 Mar 2018. “The MATRIX 101 – Understanding The Matrix Reloaded – Symbolism”. Thematrix101.Com 2018 Accessed 30 Mar 2018. []

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5 pages. It does not have a rubric. Some outside sources could be used. Basically, it is an essay that should talk about various symbolism in Matrix 2 and 3

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