Teaching Process of Providing Knowledge or Skills

Teaching Process of Providing Knowledge or Skills

“There’s nothing new about anti-work philosophy. History is dotted with individuals and groups who decided that laziness was next to godliness and work was a waste of time.” — Tom Hodgkinson, “Idle Thoughts”.

Discuss the statement above with reference to a type of work that you consider to be significant. In your discussion, you should also make reference to two relevant theories (Aristotle, John Locke, or Émile Durkheim).

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In your single, 800-word essay (including in-text citations, but excluding references), you should:

Identify a specific type of work and outline the nature of this work.

Describe the current social and economic context of the type of work you have chosen and show its impact of our society – whether socially, culturally, technologically or economically.

Explain how the statement above applies to this type of work. You must use two relevant theories from this course (i.e. Aristotle, John Locke, or Émile Durkheim) to help you discuss about the meaning and value of labour in this type of work.