thats the questions?

2. You are studying a population of western field mice with light colored coats. Across a nearby

stream is a population of the same species with dark colored coats. During a drought the stream

dries up. Soon after that you start to notice baby mice in your study population with dark colored

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3. You are studying primates in West Africa and discover a small population of monkeys in an

isolated forest patch. They resemble a familiar species that lives about 50 kilometers away, across

a wide river. The main difference appears to be that almost all of the monkeys in the small isolated

population have white ear tufts while few members of the familiar species have this trait.


4. You begin a study of a population of ocelots (small, spotted cats) on a large island in Panama.

These ocelots have been studied continuously for 40 years by various researchers. During your

study, a female gives birth to a cub with no spots. There has never been an ocelot with this coat

pattern recorded in this or any other population of ocelots.