The Airline Industry

The Airline Industry

You must answer 6 out of the following 10 questions to the best of your ability. Which 6 questions is your choice; you may pick any 6 questions you like, but you may not answer more than 6. Answering less than 6 or more than 6 will result in points lost.

Each question you choose to answer must be answered completely, with referenced research to back up your answer. Questions are primarily from the textbook, use proper APA citing (in-text) and references. A combination of the text and academic sources should be used to complete your essay answers. Non-academic sources like will not be accepted.

The answer must be as complete as possible, minimum of 250 words in essay format. Overly brief answers will result in points lost. Papers will be held to the strictest professional standards, so watch your spelling and grammar; proofread your work! Use APA formatting for the text body and citations/works cited. See Rubrics in Canvas for the allocation of points.

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Include the question with your answer in your Word document.

The completed exam must be uploaded as a Word Document onto Canvas by the due date at 11:59 PM. If your work is submitted late work 10 points per day will be deducted.

  1. How did deregulation affect the airline industry? Be sure to compare and contrast airlines business structures and policies pre-deregulation to post-deregulation.
  1. Explain the concept of a “regional airline”. How did they come to exist, what function do they serve, and what are some of the current issues facing the regional airline industry?
  1. What is the position in the industry today of the low-cost carrier? What brought about this business structure and how have newer companies tried to capitalize on this business model?
  1. Who is Herb Kelleher? Explain his business ethos and how do you believe he is different from other individuals in the industry.
  1. Why have so many airlines merged in recent years? Research a recent merger and explain how the process affected the two airlines.
  1. The airline industry considered oligopolistic. Why? What does this mean and why do the airlines meet this definition? Be sure to explain some of the barriers to entry to becoming a certificated carrier and the economies of scale involved in the industry.
  1. Explain how airline managers perform the five functions of management: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. What special considerations apply to airline managers that do not apply to other industries? Be sure to explain each of the five functions thoroughly.
  1. Explain the basic concepts behind how airlines create their flight schedules. Why is it always a compromise?
  1. How do airlines market their brands? Complete a marketing analysis for an airline of your choice. How do you think the airline is doing? What could they do better?
  1. Explain the operating environment of an international airline. What is a bilateral agreement? Pick two countries and explain the agreement that they have for air service (include a link to the actual agreement). What limitations are placed by each government on the other? What is the purpose of such arrangements?