The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Critical Thinking

Search Title: THE BENEFITS OF LEAN MANUFACTURING what lean thinking offers the process Industries

Authors Name: Melton,T

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Source: In 7th World Congress of Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering Research and Design June 2005 83(6):662-673

Read out the research paper carefully and based on your understanding you should answer the following questions.


1.Define why Manufacturing Companies emphases on lean thinking? Justify your answer with suitable example. (3 Marks)

2.What do you understand by the term overproduction? Why do you think overproduction waste described as the biggest waste while comparing to all other type of waste? (3 Marks)

3.What are the benefits from Suppliers to end users by using lean thinking? (3 Marks)

4.Use APA referencing style (1 Mark)

Note: You can assume any manufacturing company of your choice while answering questions.