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The Blog Post:…

Try to identify Allie’s (the author’s) symptoms from each of the 5 main areas of functioning affected by depression that was discussed in Chapter 6(attached below). Be specific in which parts of the blog lead you to think that a particular area of functioning is being affected.
For any areas of function where there is no evidence from the blog that it is being affected, if you were Allie’s therapist what would you ask her in order to find out more about that area of functioning?
What treatment (or treatments) would you recommend if Allie were your client? (If you don’t use a treatment approach that has a lot of evidence to support its effectiveness you should have a very compelling reason or you’ll lose points on your post.)
Why did you choose this treatment approach for your client? (Typically this will include describing the evidence that your chosen treatment will be the most effective option available for this particular client.)
How would your treatment recommendations change if Allie had manic episodes as well as depressive episodes? If you changed your recommendations, why did you do so? (Again, there is evidence to support particular treatment methods so you should use the approach with the most evidence to support it unless you have a very good reason not to).

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