The Bouchard Company S Eps Was 5 39 In 2005 Up From 3 08 In 2000 The Company Pay

The Bouchard Company’s EPS was $5.39 in 2005, up from $3.08 in 2000. The company pays out 50% of its earnings as dividends, and its common stock sells for $31.a. Calculate the past growth rate in earnings. (Hint: This is a 5-year growth period.) Round your answer to two decimal places. %b. The last dividend was D0 = 0.50($5.39) = $2.70. Calculate the next expected dividend, D1, assuming that the past growth rate continues. Round your answer to two decimal places.c. What is Bouchard’s cost of retained earnings, rs? Round your answer to two decimal places.

a.EPS =DPS (50%) =Calculation of growth rate:PV =FV =NPER =Growth rate =?Solve for rateRate =b.D0 =D1 = 2.60 (1 + 0.08) = 2.808 20045.392.70 -1.542.70511.84%2.6953.0141605352 c….

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