the female body and female sexuality in ermo and suzhou river 1

Name of two films:

Ermo 二嫫 (1994)

Suzhou River苏州河 (2000)

Name of four resources:

Harris on Goddess in Berry vol 2008

Hu Ping on Ermo

Zhen Zhang phantom sisters Urban Gen 2007

Marchetti on Stage Sisters

• Grading

You will be graded on your mastery of the relevant facts and arguments, your originality in developing analysis, and the effective way your paper is organized and written. Specifically, originality = 2 points, analysis = 12 points (i.e., 6 points each film), writing = 16 points (i.e., legitimate title = 1 point, 4 listed key words = 2 points, structure = 2 points, transition = 2 points, grammar = 2 points, spelling = 2 points, in-text reference = 2, etc.), use of sources = 10 points (i.e., logical incorporation = 1.5 points each, complete citation = 1 point each).

  • Content

First, your paper must be comparative; namely, choose to compare two of these films: Ermo, and Suzhou River. You may focus on a similar theme, a shared critical problem, or a combination of some of them.

Second, your paper must be researched; namely, citing what critics have said about the directors and/or films you are discussing and indicating how you respond to their interpretations. You must use at least 4 print sources assigned in the syllabus.

Third, your paper must be critical; namely, examining texts in detail and engaging different arguments in relation to the issues you are addressing. This also means that you have to maintain your own line of arguments while moving between primary and secondary sources. A summary of narrative plot or biographic information is descriptive rather than critical.

  • Form

The paper must be written in your words, not paraphrased out of a secondary source or plagiarize from any source. You must give full bibliographical citations at the end of your paper on a separate page (exclusive of the page limit), and make sure your style is consistent throughout the paper. Papers must be typed, double-spaced (not 1.5 spaced), with one-inch or larger margins on all four sides of the page. The length is limited to 3 pages, excluding references. Most students do better writing a carefully edited three-page paper than writing a longer paper that is sloppy. Papers not meeting these specifications will be returned without grading. Faulty spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format style will cost you points, so proof-read your writing carefully.

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