the final project for engr200000 consists of working three of the problems below

  • You may work individually or in groups of two or three to complete this project. You may choose your own groups.
  • The final project for ENGR2080B consists of working three of the problems below. Choose one problem from Group 1, one problem from Group 2, and one problem from Group 3. Be sure to identify which problem you have chosen. If your data is not given in the exercise, be sure to cite the source of your data.
  • Submit on Blackboard.Submit one project package per group.
  • The project is due no later than 6:00 pm on Friday, December 7.
  • 20% of your overall grade for the course will be based on this project, with each of the three problems carrying equal weight.
  • For each problem that you choose, submit a technical memo to me from the group (list everyone’s name) that includes an Introduction, Procedures and Results, and Conclusion and Recommendations about the problem. (See attached example.) In addition, include a typed, computer generated, or scanned legible handwritten document showing the detailed solution to the problem. For problems or subparts that involve hypothesis testing, your solution must include the seven steps for hypothesis testing:
    • Parameter of interest: From the problem context, identify the parameter of interest.
    • Null hypothesis, H0:State the null hypothesis, H0.
    • Alternative hypothesis, H1:Specify an appropriate alternative hypothesis, H1.
    • Test statistic:State an appropriate test statistic.
    • Reject H0 if:Define the criteria that will lead to rejection of H0.
    • Computations:Compute any necessary sample quantities, substitute these into the equation for the test statistic, and compute that value.
    • Conclusions:Decide whether or not H0 should be rejected and report that in the problem context. This could involve computing a P-value or comparing the test statistic to a set of critical values.

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