The home depot, economics homework help

Cassidy, W. B. (2014). Less holding, more selling. (Cover story). Journal of Commerce (15307557), 15(5), 12-16. 

Learn more about Home Depot through this article and related research. You have been tasked to develop a PowerPoint presentation that will be provided as part of the new-hire management orientation for Home Depot retail store assistant managers. These newly hired managers need to understand the background of how product is potentially delivered to customers.

As your presentation slides may be delivered by a number of people, each of your PowerPoint slides should have detailed notes to guide the presenter with the main talking points that support the images/diagrams found on the PowerPoint screens.

Your presentation slides should cover the following topics:

  • Describe the current environment of Home Depot’s distribution channels
  • Identify the flow of product from source to Home Depot restocking store level inventory
  • Identify the flow of product from source to online order, including:
    • Shipped direct to customer
    • Shipped to store for customer pick-up
  • Provide an overview of the key elements of the DFC’s operations which lead to its goal of shipping product on the day the order is received
  • Close with potential and upcoming trends that might impact Home Depot’s distribution in the coming years

With each slide, include in the notes specific benefits and challenges that the assistant manager should be aware of to understand the full process. Use images and diagrams when possible rather than detailed statements (Follow the presentation rule of 5-no more than 5 lines with no more than 5 words per line.)

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