The Infusion Of Low Cost Financing Including Government Guaranteed And Governmen

The infusion of low-cost financing (including government guaranteed and government provided mortgages), combined with a serious shortage of land for housing construction, has led to skyrocketing home prices and put new housing out of the reach of even middle-class Russians. Recent opinion polls (from the Levada Center and VTsIOM) reveal that the number of people who think the country is moving in the wrong direction has increased to almost 40 percent, and over 45 percent believe that the Stabilization Fund should be spent on health care, education and housing construction (exactly what the government is already doing but, according to the polls, not fast enough). Will Russias economic boom last into 2007 and 2008, thus allowing the Kremlin to ensure a resounding victory for the United Russia Party in next years State Duma elections, followed by a smooth presidential transition to Putins successor one year later? Will Gazprom and the National Projects help enthrone Medvedev as Russia

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