The NHS United States Healthcare Systems Questions

1. A. What is the difference between national health insurance (NHI) and a national health system (NHS)?

B. Please list one country that is considered a system of national health insurance and one country that is

considered a national health system

2. What is socialized health insurance? Please list one country that has a national health system described a

socialized health insurance.

3. Using one of the articles found under references in the textbook, please select one of the above countries you have listed and read more about their healthcare system.

A. Please list two ways the system contrasts to the U.S. system?

B. What are two ways the system compares or is similar to the U.S. system?

C. Using one or more of the ten characteristics that differentiate the U.S. from other countries, please explain how the country you have selected differs from the U.S. (please list the characteristic(s) you are describing)

4. Please see World Bank 2019 Data (files and url below) for the country you are reviewing and list and compare mortality rate (crude death rate by 1,000 and infant mortality deaths per 1,000) for this country and the U.S. The U.S. statistics are found on page 20.

Please share this information and based on these outcomes and other characteristics of the country and the U.S. which system to you believe is best to provide the health outcomes for adult and infant mortality?

World Mortality 2019: Data Booklet – the United Nations › population › pdf › mortality › WMR2019 › population › pdf › mortality ›