the role of project management in today s economy

Wk1 Paper: The Role of Project Management in Today’s Economy

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Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, you will write a 3 – 4 page paper providing an overview of the role of the discipline of project management in today’s global economy. Well-written papers will provide a complete, yet concise overview of the topic and address all the key points outlined below in the assignment details. This paper is a good opportunity for you to begin developing a strong grasp of the important role that project management plays globally and understand your own position relative to the industry.

Learning Connection:

This paper is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

  • Defining and distinguishing between projects, programs, and portfolios
  • Describing the importance of project management
  • Describing the effect of organizational structure on project management
  • Using the PMI Project Management Framework

In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence the following skills through completing this assignment:

  • Ability to follow APA 6 writing guidelines
  • Evidence a global perspective
  • Reflect on your own position relative to the discipline of project management
  • Critically analyze those factors that make project management relevant in today’s global economy

Assignment Instructions:

For this assignment, you need to write a 3 – 4 page paper that answers the following key topical questions:

  • What is the role of project management in today’s professional environment? Be sure to speak to your own experience within a broader national and global context.
  • Why has project management become, and why does it continue to be a primary lens or means of accomplishing work within most organizational settings globally?
  • What is the role of projects, programs, and portfolios within most organizational settings, and what is the linkage between these and an organization’s strategic plan and direction?
  • How might different organizational structures affect how projects are executed, and how does project management adapt within these differing organizational contexts?
  • What has been and is the benefit of studying project management through the lens of an international standard, such as the Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge?

Please note that these are prompts for you to address within your paper. Your paper should be written as an essay with topical headers; it should not be formatted in a Q&A format according to the above questions. These questions represent the minimal items that you would want to address. From your readings and your lectures, you will be exposed to other topics that may be relevant to the paper, and you would do well to consider those in writing the essay. Additionally, you are required to cite at least two sources outside the course materials in writing this paper. As part of my evaluation process (see attached rubric), papers which cite peer reviewed sources as opposed to general websites or articles are considered a higher quality of source.

Below are some key guidelines you will want to ensure you follow in writing the paper. Think of this list as a quality control checklist, along with the attached grading rubric.

  • Paper is 3 – 4 pages in length
  • Paper format complies with APA 6 guidelines
  • No more than 15 percent of paper is comprised of outside sources or direct quotes
  • Paper fully addresses the five topical questions listed above
  • Paper is not written in a Question and Answer format, but makes appropriate use of headers and formating in compliance with APA 6 guidelines
  • Paper evidences a global perspective
  • Paper evidences reflection of the individual author relative to the broader discipline
  • Paper is free of grammatical errors
  • Paper is submitted by DUE DATE using the Week 1 Paper assignment link below these instructions.

Please be sure to review the attached rubric that I will be using to grade the assignment. It along with these assignment instructions will ensure you have a solid understanding of the paper requirements.

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