The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant

The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant” Please respond to the following:


  • Discuss the significance of the “special covenant” between the Jewish people and God. Name at least two examples of this covenant in the Jewish religion.

In order to respond to this initial question adequately, you will only need to provide 1 complete paragraph, and then add at least 2 bullet points. And… according to APA guidelines a paragraph is defined as a minimum of 3 complete sentences. Begin your paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly states the issue that will be examined in that paragraph, and then follow it up with at least 2 sentences that support that statement.

Paragraph #1 should discuss the significance of the ‘special covenant’ relationship between the Jewish people and their God. Try to imagine how a practicing Jew might respond to this question.

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You should then provide at least 2 bullet points that name examples of this special covenant. Think carefully about when this special covenant came into existence before you reply