The Sample Space S Is All The Ordered Pairs Of Two Whole Numbers The First From

The sample space S is all the ordered pairs of two whole numbers, the first from one to three and the second from one to four. (Example: (1,4)).

a. S=___________

let event A= the sum is even and event B= the first number is prime.

b. A=_______, B=_________

c. P(A)=_______, P(B)=___________

d. A AND B=__________, A OR B =________

e. P(A AND B)=_______, P( A OR B)=_________

f. B’=________, P(B’)=_________

g. P(A) + P(A’)=_______

h. P(AB)=_____, P(BA)=______; ads the probabilities equal?

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