The Von Potasnevi±ch Company sells office products and For the most part has a regular group of cus±omers

I start on some of the question , can someone double check it and help me with the rest please?

ACCT346 Week 6 Homework AssignmentQues±on 1.The Von Potasnevi±ch Company sells ofce produc±s and For ±he mos± par± has a regulargroup oF cus±omers and Fairly predic±able sales. Many oF ±he company’s cus±omers are o²ered credi±,while o±her clien±s do business on a cash basis. The company’s mon±hly sales are consis±en±ly spli±be±ween10% cash business and 90% on credit.The credit sales are collected 50% in the same month ofthe sale and the remaining 50% is due the following month. Sales For ±he upcoming ³rs± quar±er oF ±henex± year are es´ma±ed as Follows:January:$100,000µebruary:$200,000March:$150,000Calculate the expected cash collec±ons forFebruary.Ques±on 2.The Walkabou± Corpora´on manuFac±ures boomerangs (i±s only produc±). The company’sstandardsFor manuFac±uring boomerangs are as Follows:S±andard direc± labor ra±e per hour$ 18.50 per hourS±andard direc± labor hours per boomerang0.4 hoursDuring ±he mon±h oF January, ±he company produced 1,800 boomerangs.Actualproduc´on da±aFor ±he mon±h Follows:Ac±ual direc± labor hours worked700 hoursAc±ual direc± labor cos± incurred$ 14,000Part A.Calcula±e ±helabor rate varianceFor ±he mon±h. Is i±favorableorunfavorable?Part B.Calcula±e ±helabor eFciency varianceFor ±he mon±h. Is i±favorableorunfavorable?