Thinking About Consciousness Essay

Thinking About Consciousness Essay




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Like in the first paper, you must identify the argument accurately from the texts I provide and report it clearly. This paper adds one element to the first essay, you must come up with an objection to the new and then evaluate the debate. . This can be your own idea or taken from one of our other readings.

What  paper must contain: Paragraph One: the thesis. Identify the view you are discussing and provide a quote where your chosen author states the core claim of the view. Next two to four paragraphs: Present the author’s argument. Over the next two to four paragraphs, present the author’s argument for the answers you stated in the first paragraph. You must support and explain their argument using quotes from the text I provided. Please do not use any other sources or texts other than those I provide. Do not cite other versions or editions of these texts, either. You may also cite my handouts and lecture, but these cannot replace the text. Objection: Spend one paragraph presenting what you take to be the strongest single objection to the argument you just presented in the previous paragraphs. You can come up with your own objection, or take one from our readings. You do not need to quote in this paragraph, but do cite your sources. Evaluation. Finally, evaluate the argument and the objection. Does the objection defeat the argument? Or does the original view have the resources to resist or respond to the objection? Give reasons why you think the objection succeeds or fails.