Thinking Like a Child & Caffeine for Creative Mind Book Report

1. Please write a few lines about chapter five. Tell me what stood out to you, and any thoughts/personal reflections you have on the content. 5-7 sentences is the expected length.

In addition, please write a few lines about this week’s article. What stood out to you?

2. Part of getting good at “childlike thinking” is adding little things here and there into our daily/weekly routines that in fact connects us with our inner kid. Practice makes perfect! This assignment is meant to direct you into that childlike headspace for a few minutes, to show you how easy it can be to make the shift into this mindset when you’re ready to brainstorm.

For this assignment, you need a sheet of white paper, a pen, and some markers/crayons/colored pencils.

You’re going to be “building (drawing)” a monster using the instructions found here ( You can use this website for virtual dice rolling too, if you don’t have any handy – ) )

Submit a few photos showing various stages of your drawing. Submit a game board photo and of course, your final masterpiece!

3. These exercises are a great technique to use to “warm up” your brain. Keeping a book of little challenges like this in your work space is a great idea! A lot of time, we just sit down and get to work. We haven’t really given a brain a chance to turn on and get revving. for creativity, that’s super important! They’re also a great “time out” when you need to shift gears for a moment. Try integrating something like this into your daily work routine. Coloring books are great too! Or a few canisters of Playdoh!

4. Get your crayons ready! This week is all about childlike thinking, so, we’re going to tackle a children’s brand and we’re going to think like children in order to do it!

Crayola has decided to launch a special edition of 24 themed crayons. You are being tasked with coming up with the theme, a pitch for your theme, and most fun, the 24 crayon color names!

First, choose your theme…the only rule is to keep in mind that Crayola is a kid oriented brand, so your theme should also be kid oriented.

Secondly, write a 3-4 sentence “pitch” introducing your new line. This is the only part of the assignment where you should be wearing your “grown up”hat. A marketing pitch isn’t very childlike, but I’d like you to flex your “ad student muscles” for a second to come with a few lines that sell your idea.

Lastly, name the 24 colors! Please name the color AND show the color. Remember to choose names that correspond to your theme and are also kid-friendly. Here is an example below of the blurb, and some different ways you can display the crayon names/colors. (PS: this one submit of png)