Three Of The Many Known Coat Colors In Mink Are The Standard Wild Type Black Bro

Three of the many known coat colors in mink are the standard wild-type (black-brown) color, a blue-gray color known as silverblu, and a darker blue-gray color known as steelblu. Matings between wild-type mink can produce all wild-type or 3 wild-type: 1 silverblu or 3 wild: 1 steelblu.

1. Arrange the colors in the order of Dominance

2. How many alleles are responsible for coat color

3. How many different genotypes are responsible for steelblu color? or platinum color?

4. What are the coat colors & genotypes in the cross of 1:2:1 ratio 1 steel blu, 2 wildtype, and 1 platinum which is ss 

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