To Assess The Profitability Of An Organization Other Than A Manufacturing Busin

2) Could we use managerial accounting “tools” to assess the profitability of an organization other than a manufacturing business, or are the topics we are learning only related to manufacturing? 3) If we could use these concepts in service and/or merchandising businesses, how would we go about doing so? 4) COGS would only be relevant to a company that sells a physical product. Inventory being part of this. That being said would a cell phone service really have a COGS? Cost of Goods Sold5)An Income Statement would differ depending on what type of business it was prepared for. An Income Statement for a service organization would not have Cost of Goods Sold but an Income Statement for a manufacturing organization would. So what you are saying is that the type of business will drive the complexity of the income statement. Would you agree? Anyone?

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