Topic Does Social Media Enhance Or Hinder Interpersonal Relationships

TOPIC:• Does social media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationships?

  • Construct an argument for a position on the TOPIC.
  • Make an argument as high quality as possible: In particular, make sure that all of your premises are true and that the truth of the conclusion is demonstrated by your premises.
  • academic sources that support some aspect of the argument.
  • Present a main argument in standard form with each premise and the conclusion on a separate line.
  • Here is an example of what it means for an argument to be presented in standard form

All men are mortal.

Socrates is a man.

Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

  • Provide support for each premise of your argument. Explain the meaning of the premise, and provide supporting evidence for the premise. [One paragraph for each premise]
  • Explain how your conclusion follows from your premises.

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