Topic for Final and Literature 

Topic for Final and Literature

 Essence of this research: The aim of this study is to determine the ways in which an organization can measure the performance of employees.

            Research topic: Methods of Measuring Employee performance in an Organization.

            Search terms: Employee performance, balance score cards, performance contracts, performance appraisal methods and client surveys.

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            Outcomes of search databases: The above search terms helped in searching data related to the subject of the study, as a result they helped in obtaining a number of important information. Firstly, the search terms helped obtaining sources of information related to importance of employee performance in an organization. Secondly, the terms were essential in obtaining data related to various performance appraisal approaches that are used by different organizations when it comes to measuring the performance of their employees. Additionally, the search terms, aided in the process of understanding how balance score cards, performance contracts and client surveys can be used when  it comes to measuring the performance of employees within a firm. Therefore, the search terms were very important as they provided vital sources of data that will be useful when completing my study in the future.

            Modifying search terms: In order to ensure that the only sources of information that was relevant to the subject of the study was searched for in various databases the search was limited only to sources that talks about employee performance appraisal methods, especially the ones associated with balance score cards, client surveys and performance contracts.

            Important databases: The most useful databases for searching information related to the subject of the research were online library databases, as they were easily accessible making easier to search information from them.