Unit VII Assignment

You are going to create a detailed crisis scenario of your choice for an organization in your field to present to your CEO and Board of Directors.


Your paper should include the following sections:


  1. Describe the organization and the crisis scenario.
  2. Develop a crisis communications plan for your stakeholders, including a social media policy.


Utilize the following outline for your crisis communication plan (note this is not a crisis plan):


  • The introduction: It should engage the reader in the crisis communication plan and clearly present a summary of the main points.
  • Explain the purpose, scope, and goal of the plan.
  • Include assumptions or assumed situations, that are a result of assessing risk for your organization.
  • Define expected audiences, both internal and external.
  • Include key communication strategies.
  • Include a concept of operations for communications.
  • Discuss the human dynamics and communications aspects of the blame game and the resolution stages you plan to implement in your crisis communication plan.
  • Assign tasks to key leaders and staff.
  • Provide resource management details.
  • Include planned scripts, which can be placed in an appendix.


For the next section address the following points in relation to the crisis communication plan and scenario you have created:


  1. Recommend avenues for damage control when faced with communication problems.
  2. Describe how your leadership will develop an effective relationship with the news media.
  3. Examine the impact of using social media and other technologies in risk and crisis communication that should be considered for your plan.
  4. What are your contingency plans if a crisis communication has been misunderstood or interrupted.
  5. Conclude with a final notes or thoughts as a summary of this plan for your CEO and Board of Directors.


Your completed plan for the CEO and Board of Directors should be a minimum of seven pages in length. A title page or reference pages do not count toward this requirement. You may utilize charts, data, tables, and other visuals as needed, but this is not a requirement and does not count towards the page length.


You must use at least five peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to support the concepts for your paper, three of which must come from the CSU Online Library. All sources used must have citations and references properly formatted in APA 7th Style. APA 7th formatting of your paper is also required.

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