United States Electoral College Argumentative Essay

United States Electoral College Argumentative Essay

our paper should be no more than 10 pages. Here are some general guidelines when writing your paper:

1. Write an introduction, which clearly identifies the topic of your report and the issues that you seek to illuminate. The introduction should include the thesis or basis of your report, and preview your major points. (attached)

2. The body of your report should be dedicated to support your thesis with claims gleaned from your research (into what others have written on the topic; data that you have gathered), readings from the course text, discussion boards, case law and law review articles. Please cite your references at the end of your report. Please include 10 references to support the thesis of your paper. All reference need to be in bluebook or APA format. (attached)

You must explain the issue, analyze both side of the argument on the issue and discuss the current status of the law. You also need to discuss any current pending cases and unresolved legal questions. Finally, you will discuss how you see the law (statutory and case law) changing on this issue in the future and why.

3. Conclude your report by recapitulating your thesis and explaining in greater detail the significance of your findings. If you would like, include in your conclusion some questions or recommendations about the topic which you’ve written.

I strongly recommend that you proof read your paper several times to ensure that you have no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors and to ensure that your paper flows well and is organized

Attached is a grading rubric