Upload Assignment: Week 7 Assignment: Installation of Hadoop on windows OS


In this assignment you will be installing Hadoop on your computer. For this you are required to following the steps in the article listed below to perform the installation of Hadoop on a Windows or Linux Machine. Note, the prerequisite for this installation is to have Java version 1.8 or greater in your system.

Your deliverable for this assignment will be the following screenshots and write up.

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1. Using a word document provide the following screenshots from your own installation of Hadoop with proper figure title and notes: A screenshot of your check for java version through this command on command prompt. Tip – Run the command:  java –version A screenshot of your environment variable showing the Variable_name as HADOOP_HOME A screenshot of the contents of your mapred-site.xml, core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, and hadoop-env.cmd files A screenshot of your check on whether Hadoop is successfully installed. Tip Run the command:  Hadoop version

2. In the second section of your document describe five (5) advantages of implementing Hadoop MapReduce. Provide

See Article below

Singh, D. (2019). How to Install and Run Hadoop on Windows for Beginners. Retrieved from