Use The Attached Document Online Library Resources And The Internet To Research 10

Use the ATTACHED DOCUMENT, online library resources, and the Internet to research accountability systems and transparent reporting.

Use your research to first analyze how the factors apply to Walmart’s sustainability index and then to create a TRANSPARENT SUSTAINABILITY REPORT FOR TOP SHELF. Write a report that includes the following:

Write a report that includes the following:

  • How was Walmart’s sustainability index developed?

  • What makes it particularly innovative?

  • Which social, ecological, and economic sustainability considerations are covered? Which ones are left out?

  • Can Walmart’s approach be used by Top Shelf to track their efforts? Justify your answer.

  • Briefly describe two other approaches (different from that of Walmart) that could be used by Top Shelf to track their efforts.

  • Recommend one approach for Top Shelf and explain in detail how the company can measure, track, and report progress on their sustainability goals. Justify your choice.

  • Explain why your recommendation would be superior to the status quo.

    Write a 10–12-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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