Ventilator Associated Complications in COVID-19 Patients

Adheres to current APA formatting and guidelines.

· 3-4 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages.

· The problem “Ventilator Associated Complications in COVID-19 Patients”

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· ONLY use these 2 scholarly journals for this paper.

· Jaffri, A., & Jaffri, U, A. (2020). Post-intensive care syndrome and covid-19: crisis after a crisis? Elsevier Public Health Emergency Collection.,their%20mobility%20and%20social%20responsibilities.&text=These%20are%20startling%20statistics%20and,to%20recognize%20as%20of%20now (

· Povoa, H, C., Chianca, G, C., & Iorio, N, L. (2020). Covid-19: An alert on ventilator-associated bacterial pneumonia.

· Must be submitted through TurnItIn with submission report. Percentage should be less than 10%. Ignore highlighting of headers and the title page.

· Use template attached to help you with this assignment.


The paper will include the following sections:


a. Clinical Question (45 points/28%)

· Describe the problem. What is the focus of your group’s work?

· Explain the significance of the problem in terms of patient outcomes. What health outcomes result from your problem? Or what statistics document this is a problem? You may find support on websites for government or professional organizations.

· PICOT question in support of the group topic.

· State the purpose of your paper. What will your paper do or describe? This is similar to a problem statement. “The purpose of this paper is to . . .”

b. Levels of Evidence (20 points/13%)

· Identify the type of question being asked (therapy, prognosis, meaning, etc.).

· What is the best type of evidence to answer that question (e.g., quantitative study, qualitative study, etc.)?

c. Search Strategy (65 points/41%)

· List search terms and results.

· Databases used (start with the CU library or PubMed). Link your search with the PICOT question described above.

· Refinement decisions. As you did your search, what decisions did you make in refinement to get your required articles down to a reasonable number for review? Were any limits used? If so, what?

· Identification of two (2) most relevant articles (primary sources published within the last 5 years).

d. Format (30 points/18%)

· Correct grammar and spelling.

· Include a title page.

· Use of headings for each section.

· Clinical Question, Levels of Evidence, Search Strategy, and Conclusion



Here is an example of a clinical question and PICOT as well as a tip.

An example of a well-written PICO question is as follows:


Does hand washing among healthcare workers reduce hospital-acquired infections in a six-month timeframe?


Tip– In preparation to develop a proposed evidence-based clinical project, identify a clinical practice issue that is nurse-driven and managed by nursing. Ensuring that your topic is nurse-driven ensures your success. If you select an intervention that is based on another healthcare provider or patient actions, then it is very hard to implement your project. Utilize your PICOT components to develop your clinical question as listed below.



P (Problem or Patient or Population) -Hospital acquired infection

I (intervention/indicator) -Hand washing

C (comparison)- No hand washing; other solution; masks

O (outcome of interest)- Reduced infection

T (time frame) Six-months