w3 Cultural Legacies of the Mediterranean World & Women in the Ancient World

Cultural Legacies of the Mediterranean World & Women in the Ancient World

Below are two separate discussion questions, choose ONE and discuss.


must be at least 75 words



Cultural Legacies of the Mediterranean World

We read a great deal about the discoveries of the Ancient Mediterranean World this week. Compare the findings and discoveries of Babylon, Greece, and Rome. What are the most important discoveries still in use today, and how have these discoveries changed history?

There are a lot of different answers to this question. You may cover issues of mathematics, science, politics, philosophy, history, literature, art, family (paterfamilias), language, or law. Ideally you will write about at least 3 discoveries from the Bronze/Iron Ages as discussed in all three lectures, and then reply to at least 2 classmates throughout the week for the most credit. Remember that this is a conversation! Try to avoid short sentences like “good comment” and engage with the ideas and long-lasting legacies of these examples.



Women in the Ancient World

Throughout these lectures, we touched on the status and rights of women in ancient Greece, Rome, Babylon, Persia, Assyria, and Phoenicia. How would you describe the position of women in the ancient world? How did their opportunities vary from place to place?

Since this is a conversation, you should post an initial answer to this question that includes information from two or more different civilizations and posits a theory about women in general. Then answer at least two of your classmates and discuss how women’s rights changed depending on their class, place of birth, and personal characteristics.

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