Water Damage Workplace Communication Case Scenario

  • You need to analyze the following message which certainly is not the correct way to provide a negative message or answer even it is necessary.
  • It must be change based in Business Communication – Negative message Instructions for writing.
  • Also, follow the slides to revise the message
  • The assignment is to re-write the message in a good and strategy way following the Chpater and notes about Negative message.
  • You can look in online the information about it.
  • ———————————————————————————-


Current date

Ms. Mia Tranquillo

501 Westhampton Way

Richmond, VA 23173


Dear Ms. Tranquillo:


This letter is being sent to you to inform you that warranty repairs or replacements are not available for damage caused by operator fault. The dot inside your smartphone indicates

in bright red that the device suffered prolonged exposure to liquid. The phone also shows signs of heavy external abuse—quite rightly excluded from coverage under your

protection plan.


Your phone retailer, Westhampton Wireless, at 422 Pleasant Valley Road, forwarded your device to us. Our service technician made an inspection. That’s when he discovered that your Zero Plus handset had not been treated with proper caution and care. He said he had never seen such a gunky phone interior, and that without a doubt the gadget was subjected to blunt force on top of that! You are lucky that the touch screen did not crack or break and that you didn’t lose all your data irretrievably since you apparently didn’t bother to arrange for a backup. Today’s smartphones are sophisticated high-tech devices. They must be handled with utmost respect. You wouldn’t believe how many users accidentally drop their phones into the toilet.


The Peace of Mind Plan that you have purchased gets rave reviews from users. They love the protection their expensive equipment enjoys at a low monthly cost of $9.99. However, this plan plus the manufacturer’s warranty on your Zero Plus covers only this one thing: manufacturing defects. Your warranty has expired by now, but it wouldn’t cover neglect and abuse anyway. Your Peace of Mind Plan is in effect but only covers you for theft, loss, and malfunction. It explicitly excludes liquid and physical damage. In any case, there is always a deductible of $99. We can’t replace the Zero Plus at no charge, as you request. But we could sell you a remanufactured model, at a cost of $149 plus tax. Your other option is to purchase a new device at full retail cost. Furthermore, since you have a two-year contract, you will be eligible for an upgrade as you are nearing month 20. You could go to www.westhamptonwireless.com to browse new calling plans and see current smartphones and perhaps order a product or service online.


Let us know what you want to do. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service.