What Is Criminal Homicide Or Murder According To The Fbi

  1. What is criminal homicide (or murder), according to the FBI? Note the types of situations that are not considered to be criminal homicide/murder.
  2. Discuss the following terms in regard to victimization and homicide.Victim precipitation and situated transaction.
  3. Routine activities/lifestyle model
  4. Media influences
  5. Learning theory
  6. Subcultures of violence
  7. In the case of Michael Perry:What were the warning signs that suggested he would kill de Becker’s client?
  8. Why did he choose de Becker’s client and Sandra Day O’Connor as targets?
  9. What is the symbolism in the manner in which he killed his parents?
  10. What is the homicide victim profile in terms of gender, race, age, and relationship to the attacker?

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