What Kelly and Other ALTs Should Do Case Analysis

What Kelly and Other ALTs Should Do Case Analysis

Your essay should be 2 pages at least to 4 pages to the maximum based on *Guidelines for Individual Assignments and Case Analysis.

*Reading material: Case 7.pdf


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  1. Read and study Case 7 carefully.
  2. Answer the questions on Page 698.

– Those questions are

1) What should Kelly and the other ALTs do now?

2) Why did conflict occur? How could it have been prevented?

On your essay, you should write up all answers to all these questions together with your logical thought and argument.

Putting a simple answer (ex., Kelly should do “XXX.” That is it.) to these questions will not give you full credit or score.

You have to elaborate your thoughts coupled with Who, What, When, How, Why, etc. on the basis of information you earn from Case 7 as well as what you have learned from Chapter 15 and 16.


*Guidelines for Individual Assignments and Case Analysis.

Follow the guideline for all your assignments and report as below, please.

  1. Do Not put a title, date, course name, my name, your name, ID, major, and department.
  2. Plagiarism is not allowed and will give you a Zero (0) point.
  3. Other requirements

1) Font type: Times New Roman

2) Font size: 12

3) Margins: Moderate (Top: 1″, Bottom: 1″, Left: 0.75″, Right: 0.75″)

4) Paragraph: Left alignment

5) Single space: On the WORD tool bar, remove “space before/after paragraph.”

For Individual Assignment, you should write More than 3 sentences, which means at least 4 sentences, on the 2nd page.

It does not apply to the case you write up more than 2 pages which means 3 or 4 pages.

If you do not follow this guideline, you will lose 12 out of 25 points for your Individual Assignment, while 5 out of 15 points for your Report of Case Analysis.