what lessons do you see from these events that serve mitigation and preparedness for future events

Two Paragraphs, APA Style with references from videos provided and the reading from the book.

Mitigation & Preparedness

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The number one threat to natural disasters in South Florida belongs to hurricanes. The events depicted here were “focusing events” in how we thought about hurricanes – meaning, of such impact that we had to fundamentally rethink mitigation and preparedness…

Video Links:

The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 (Links to an external site.)The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

The Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

Great Miami Hurricane: “Miami, The Magic City” 1926 Prelinger Archive (Links to an external site.)Great Miami Hurricane: "Miami, The Magic City" 1926 Prelinger Archive

Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 Prelinger Archive

Okeechobee Hurricane.mov (Links to an external site.)Okeechobee Hurricane.mov

Okeechobee Hurricane 1928